Errors when playing cash games

   Good afternoon friends! Today I would like to tell you the main mistakes that players allow in playing various gambling games.

One of the main factors that exclude any player is bad luck in the game. Despite the fact that this is only a temporary failure, with several losses in a row a person loses his composure in the search for the guilty party. At the same time, bad luck must be treated as an integral part of any game. In blackjack for example it is impossible to guess the moment when a good card will drop out. And if it is a newcomer, not you, then do not despair or consider it more experienced. At this moment, everything is explained only by fortune.

Another reason that can nullify all the chances of winning is the installation of a game to win. When a person, for various reasons, simply needs to win today, such a player is doomed to failure. Gambling, which requires sensible and judicious decisions, is simply contraindicated to such a player. A person obsessed with a win is unnecessarily tense, he loses his composure and makes rash moves. In this case, it’s better not to start the game until the emotional tension goes down.

Akin to this psychological problem is the fear of losing. Even with the correct tactics of the game, the player in fear of failing is too cautious, without using a strategy that is advantageous for him. Fear of defeat must be removed, trusting the intellect and rigorous mathematical calculation.
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New year is coming!

Making plans for the coming year, we always hope for the best, dream, thinks the desire. We would like to wish to all you wished and made for the new year, celebrated! To you and your loved ones healthy and happy to accompany luck in love affairs surrounded and filled you and your home! To inclement weather were party, and overhead always shone the Sun, warming and giving good mood! Let this year be full of realized hopes, goals achieved and pleasant discoveries. Happy New Year!


With 12/25/2016 on 1/1/2017 CHRISTMAS tournament ADVENTURE

  Riobet holds the tournament prize pool which is 50000 CP. Login and purchase tickets issued are carried out in the tournament.
Tickets for the tournament get through the introduction of one under my bonuses:
VIP-tickets-10 promotion code CH16VIP
-for GOLD players 4-promo code CH16GOLD
-for Classic and new players 1-ticket promotional code CH16 (requires verification and at least one real money bet)
You are given the tournament through 15tur. The result of the tournament table is your current balance on tournament account. You can buy 15tur. You can not buy, if your account is greater than 4tur.
Participants receive prizes with a balance of more than 20tur

Start: 20:00 25.12.2016


Game of Thrones in Club Volcano continues. Coming to the end of the third stage of the tournament, and is preparing to launch a fourth phase, a final Christmas series, and he is dedicated to Home Starkov-they too have treasures, and they are sure to mark each decent party tournament deserved awards and expensive alcohol. As they say in Vinterfelle: "close" new year!

The prize fund of the tournament is dynamic, a small percentage of every bet players will increase the size of prizes. The more players, the more rates and major awards will receive 10 strongest parties and 3 best players will be the main contenders for the grand prizes-Bentley, MacBook, iPhone and other real prizes! In the mobile version of the players expect progressive bonuses amounting to 1000% from the amount of recharges!

In gaming clubs with 26 to 30 December, start the final stages of tournaments:

Admiral777-"Captain America"; Prize Fund is 250 000 USD;
PharaonBet-Cleopatra and Royal blood "; -500 000 USD;
GMSDeluxe-"the man from Hollywood"; Prize Fund is 250 000 USD;

TOURNAMENT with prize money of 300 RUBLES 000000

In the new weekly tournament team gaming VulkanStavka Club offers players a little escape from the pre-holiday bustle and give yourself a little time alone with lavish machines. Perhaps they will help Santa Claus cashed out their list of Christmas gifts, because the prize fund of the tournament is 300 roubles: 000000

✓ 1 place-90000 roubles;
✓ 2 place-60000 roubles;
✓ 3 place-50000 roubles;
✓ 4-10 places-prizes of 000000 100 rubles;

To take place in the standings, players need to make as many bets for real money during the period from 19 to 26 December.